SUPlants Beta… Landscape Design SketchUp Extension

We can’t wait to hear your feedback!

We have set out to develop a professional suite of landscape design tools inside of SketchUp. From this first Beta, we look to build upon to improve landscape design workflows. Our immediate focus is the continued development of our 3D plant catalog and refinement of the plant placement and design tools.

NOTE: This Beta Release has a limited number of plants.

Beta Feedback

For this Beta Release, we have decided to use the SUPlants Community Forums for all support issues until after launch. This will provide the most transparency and keep the whole community up to date on the progress and direction of SUPlants.

We will release a Support Portal along with the formal release of SUPlants. The Support Portal will include Video Tutorials, Support Tickets and Documentation.

Feedback Forums

We are anxious to hear your feedback. We are interested to hear about General Usability, Bugs, Feature Set, Plant Issues and Render Support.

Feedback Forum»

Request a Plant

Let us know what plants you need. We plan on releasing new plants regularly. Tell us what plants you want along with images and we will get them into production.

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Beta Focus

The focus of this Beta is to flushout bugs and issues in 4 key areas…

3D Plant Catalogue

At the time of this Beta Release we have over 1,000 plants in various stages of production. We want to hear from the Beta Community which plants to be released next. New plants will be added to the catalog often. If you notice an issue with any individual plantm leave a comment on the Plant Details page.

Billboard Proxies

SUPlants Proxy Billboards are the perfect stand-in for 3D plants. Not only are these billboards stunning, they will keep your model light weight and responsive. When the time comes to render, each Proxy Billboard will be swapped and replaced with the render ready 3D model.

Landscape Design Tools

SUPlants has developed design tools to increase the workflow of landscape design projects. Key tools include 2D and 3D Design Views, Grid and Placement tools, Move and Copy tools and Follow Terrain and Axis Locking. Let us know what your expeiernce is with these tools and how we might improve upon them.

3D Rendering

For those of you who render, we are currently supporting Enscape and Vray. All plants are preconfigured with render ready materials and textures, removing the need for any type of manual manipulation or proxy setup. Let us know if you experience any issues.

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